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Here's how our Success Guarantee works:

If you actively use the program and its material, but fail your HESI Exit — we offer a full refund.
Here's the fine print:
What does "actively" mean?
It means actually spending time and studying the materials, because the program only works if you do the work.You don't have to go through all the practice questions, however, you must take more than just one or two practice tests.
Does this Success Guarantee apply to everyone?
Our success guarantee does not apply to 1 Month subscriptions, but does apply to every other subscription.Note that if you fail your HESI exam and continue to study after your exam date, you forfeit your success guarantee claim for that particular exam.
Why Are You So Confident In Your Program?
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Here's the fine print:
What happens if I still fail my HESI Exit Exam?
For up to 6 months after your initial purchase, if you fail your exam and have an active subscription to the program at the date of your exam, simply send us a quick email and you'll receive a full refund.
What if I sign up and don't like what I see?
If you don't like the program, we offer a 7 day "no strings attached" full refund guarantee. This is in addition to our 6 month success guarantee (pass the HESI Exit or your money bock).In other words, if you're not happy, let us know within 7 days and you'll get back every cent you paid.
Why Are You So Confident In Your Program?
Here's why...

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