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HESI Exam Brief
The HESI Exam consists primarily of Multiple Choice (MC) questions. Most questions have 4 answers from which only one is the correct answer. Others have 5, with multiple answers being correct. Some MC questions come with supplements. A screen pops up in your HESI testing window where you can, for example, see client prescriptions, diagnostics and flow sheets.
Next, there are some open questions, which are calculation questions. You need to calculate a certain number and type it in the answer box.
Furthermore, during your HESI Exam, there might be a question or two asking you to sequence certain procedures. For example, a nurse prepares to change the primary IV tubing (for a client receiving a continuous infusion of normal saline) via hanging a new bag of normal saline to maintain the prescription. You will need to provide the right sequence of this procedure.
On some HESI Exams, you will find picture questions. For example, where should the nurse place an external fetal heart transducer? You will need to select approximately the right area.
HESI Exams can also include audio questions. For example, you have to listen to a small clip that you can play as often as you like and identify the lung sound.
The ReachTest Calculator (if enabled at your school) is exactly the same as the normal Windows Calculater. This is the standard version which has the functions MC, MR, MS and M+ on the left side.
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